This Is My Totally Normal Chaos

Hi there! My name is Monica Fay. I am a professional organizer and I am a self-proclaimed DISASTER.   I know, confusing, right?

I own Totally Normal Chaos, a professional organizing business based out of Los Angeles and Washington, DC, and I just started the project,, who’s website is underconstruction, which focuses on creative ways to store and organize shoes from small/cramped spaces to walk-in closests and products to buy to create the best solution for your shoes.

You could say, at the very least, I am in the business of chaos management.

Like most people, I have a story of where I came from and how I got to where I am today.

And unlike most professional organizers, I didn’t start off as the kid who “loved being organized and cleaning” from a young age.  No, I was the barefoot, eccentric kid who couldn’t let go of my Barbies until way past 8th grade and who always had some type of skinned knee from playing outside and whose room was an utter disaster. A hoarder of The New Yorker, I’ve collected almost every single issue since I was 15 years old… and I just turned 26 on Dec 2nd, 2012, so… that should tell you something.  I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 5. I was re-diagnosed with ADHD when I was 20.  I’ve hit every down any of you could ever think of from being broke, to ruining my credit to going to jail for the most ridiculous of reasons to owning my own business, being a successful college cheerleader, writing a book and changing my entire life around.

It wasn’t easy- I’m stubborn, they say. They all say, actually. I don’t see it. But I’m a stubborn learner in addition to just being stubborn. I repeated the same mistakes over and over until after multiple self-inflicted wounds to my own success, something shifted and I finally GOT IT.  I still make mistakes, but I’ve come a long way- and my goal is to teach what I’ve learned and inspire people to kick their lives into high gear by eliminating the hold ADHD has, becoming so organized there is no reason to become discombobulated and anxious, become so efficient that there are multiple streams of money coming in and plugs on every financial leak you have right now.

What makes this girl so qualified to lead people from chaos?

Well, you can follow my story and read in each coming post how I first became a hilariously disastrous girl who ended up having a popular blog making fun of my struggles while struggling painfully on the inside, to flourishing and having my own business… then you can read about the disasters I endured as a business owner starting a business with NO money in my bank account and how I fixed the issues and created something out of nothing.

There is so much to go into, but I will brief you on one of the most impactful things I learned in my struggle:

I was attached to my chaos, attached to my disorganization, attached to the struggle. I noticed that every time I was doing well, I was happy but it also made me uncomfortable. Pretty soon, I would end up back in the same struggling position as I was before.

Disorganization and chaos are both deep commitments we make to ourselves whether it be as simple as not tracking our finances so we always end up broke, not staying consistent with our workouts and meals so we always stay overweight, or even for small businesses/entrepreneurs: not creating and sticking to cancellation policies/deposits so that we end up always at the mercy of our clients financially and time-wise.

When you live in a world of chaos, everything is late, unorganized, unexpected and dramatic.

I also learned that you can create and worsen your ADHD by living a chaotic life. Yes, you heard me: You can take a mild attention issue and turn it into full blown self-induced ADHD. And it will destroy you.

But what I learned most importantly is that all of this, all of this chaos and struggle, it can be fixed. I’m not going to say it’s easy, but I’ll teach you how.

Does this resonate with any of you? Are any of you living a life of totally normal chaos?

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2 thoughts on “This Is My Totally Normal Chaos

  1. Stephanie (Bennis) Shirley says:

    Your story is very interesting and how it got you to where you are now! I never thought of disorganization as being a commitment, but rather just a lack of commitment to becoming organized. I think you’re right that either way it’s a choice we make and we can also choose to change.

    • monicafay says:

      Yeah! Any choice we make and practice over and over is a deep commitment we refuse to let go of, whether it is a negative thing or a positive thing. People tend to think of commitments as only the “new years resolution” type of deal, but we are deeply committed to everything that contributes to our lifestyle!

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