Easter’s Done. Here’s How To Get Motivated To Get Off Your

Poor Pete.


Yesterday, you were full of brunch and candy and mimosas and possibly the gospel, incense staining your hair- but today…

Today you and I are going to get serious about getting organized.

Serious about getting your sh*t together.

Serious about organizing your diet. Your morning routine. Your work. Your goals. Your emotions. Your body. Your office. Your home. And that terrible garage.

We’re going to do this together, and Im going to push you.  Because I used to be a hot mess. And I know what it takes to get it together without compromising creativity or freedom- in fact you’ll be accumulating more.

Who’s ready?

All of my little tornados are going to calm the natural disaster that are their lives.  I’ll be posting here, but the motivation that will light a fire under your ass I’ll be sending via email each week.  It’s guaranteed to be the push you were looking for.

So cocky, Monica Fay- how can we be so sure?

Because this is pretty much what I do. It’s me. I’ve been an extreme motivator with an entirely sickening amount of energy and sunny disposition. And I’m about to imprint it allll up on ya so you can achieve any goal you’ve ever lost the fire for.

Lets. Do. This.
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See you soon. Leave a comment if you’re IN. Tell me why you need a change.

Let’s keep this momentum going!

Monica Fay


Let’s leave the chaos behind. Lets. Get. Activated.