I Trashed 146 Pages of My Sh*tty Novel

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  • Just threw out 146 pages of a novel I wrote back in 2009. And it felt great. Bye bye terrible story line. Man, I really beat that dead horse for a while, too. Full misunderstood, starving artist mode and everything. I had to admit it finally;  IT WAS TERRIBLE. I can write well, nobody ever has disputed that. But I absolutely wrote, quite possibly, the worst novel of all time. There was no need for this ratty, marked up, physical copy when I have it hoarded on a file somewhere on my Macbook Pro and Google Docs (which I will literally NEVER read over again).  If I can detach from old writing which is extremely personal for me, you can do it, too. I realized that there was no room for better writing when I kept holding on to this badly written unfinished project. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I still wanted to finish it- to prove that it wasn’t garbage, to prove I wasn’t garbage.  When there’s too many open wounds, too many unfinished projects, you can’t create quality content. You must make peace and get rid of it once and for all, like a bad ex who keeps liking all your instagram pictures or texting “hey” every 6 weeks randomly.

    You know what you need to let go of. Get rid of all that knitting. You know you only knit half of 3 scarves, the corner of a baby blanket for a kid who is now 6, and have a ball of unraveled, knotted yarn- not to mention that night we don’t talk about when you used the needles as chopsticks for that late night Chinese food binge after a few drinks.


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