I Trashed 146 Pages of My Sh*tty Novel

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  • Just threw out 146 pages of a novel I wrote back in 2009. And it felt great. Bye bye terrible story line. Man, I really beat that dead horse for a while, too. Full misunderstood, starving artist mode and everything. I had to admit it finally;  IT WAS TERRIBLE. I can write well, nobody ever has disputed that. But I absolutely wrote, quite possibly, the worst novel of all time. There was no need for this ratty, marked up, physical copy when I have it hoarded on a file somewhere on my Macbook Pro and Google Docs (which I will literally NEVER read over again).  If I can detach from old writing which is extremely personal for me, you can do it, too. I realized that there was no room for better writing when I kept holding on to this badly written unfinished project. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I still wanted to finish it- to prove that it wasn’t garbage, to prove I wasn’t garbage.  When there’s too many open wounds, too many unfinished projects, you can’t create quality content. You must make peace and get rid of it once and for all, like a bad ex who keeps liking all your instagram pictures or texting “hey” every 6 weeks randomly.

    You know what you need to let go of. Get rid of all that knitting. You know you only knit half of 3 scarves, the corner of a baby blanket for a kid who is now 6, and have a ball of unraveled, knotted yarn- not to mention that night we don’t talk about when you used the needles as chopsticks for that late night Chinese food binge after a few drinks.


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One thought on “I Trashed 146 Pages of My Sh*tty Novel

  1. Autumn Leopold (@AutumnLeopold) says:

    Funny and so true Monica! Sometimes you have to write it down, get it out of your system, and throw it away. It may have been good therapy to do just that! I’ve been letting go of many unfinished projects and even ideas I know I’ll never get to. It’s okay because I would rather spend that time with my family or on myself! Great post!

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